SolarAccess is an experienced renewable energy supplier. Many thousands of SolarAccess Solar Energy Plants are now supplying sustainable electricity to the costumers  on a daily basis. With our proven all-inclusive package we are able to deliver you at all your locations around the globe a Solar Energy Plants that delivers you 100% renewable energy.  

For all your locations SolarAccess can offer you 100% renewable energy based on our All-Inclusive Package.

Your benefits of our proven All-Inclusive Package are:

a)   No investments needed
b)   No technical risks
c)   Off balance system
d)   Predictable energy price
e)   Support of your Sustainability agenda
f)    Delivery of 100% renewable energy

Based on this All-Inclusive Package we realized several projects for large companies globally and we have several projects under development.  To this experience we are able and excited to introduce this proven All-Inclusive Package also to your organization.

With our experienced and solution driven team and with our strong and reliable financial partners, we are ready to be your Renewable Energy Supplier

Let’s make it happen!